• Our platform 'iris' is used by brands to:

    • Send, receive & interpret text messages for CRM and Customer Services purposes

    • Convert messages for delivery to landlines

    • Enable potential customers to 'text for call-back'

    • Manage SMS surveys etc

  • iPad app helps car dealers

    • Mitsubishi wanted to support their dealers at car shows & experiential marketing events

    • The app can be used in two modes; by employees or customers

    • Server integration ensures that leads go to the right dealer as well as Head Office

  • Auto Call-back delivers better customer service

    Auto Call-back: enhance ROI

    • Avoid long call queues/staffing nightmares

    • IVR technology manages call scheduling

    • Call-back can requested through many channels; SMS, App, mWeb,Voice, Email

    • User makes request for call-back

    • If the brand's agent is available then our platform tries the customer & patches them through

    • Customer can decline the call & the platform tries again over several days

  • NHS app for Bipolar

    • The iOS & Android app replaces patientsʼ
      paper diaries

    • Users log their physical & mental health

    • Read our Lithium press release

  • Wessex Water: Text-to-Landline for customer service

    • Contact customers with SMS even if their mobile details are unavailable

    • Automatic redirection by our platform

    • Allows quick and accessible communication

  • Marks and Spencerʼs
    Pass The Parcel

    • A Facebook application building up to Xmas

    • Integrated with our platform for secure mobile coupons and vouchers

    • Winners obtain personalised vouchers via SMS

    • SMS ensured security

  • Send text messages via API or GUI

    • Add SMS to an existing server application

    • Or manually send from our GUI

    • Engage with customers in threaded conversations

    • Best value for money on UK market

    • 'iris' allows brands to send messages to mobiles and landline numbers plus also enable customers to text for a call-back from an individual or call centre.

    • Mitsubishi dealers can capture the contact details of potential customers who may be interested in a test drive, a call-back and/or receiving a brochure via post or email.

    • "Please hold, your call is important to us..." Auto Call-back helps call-centres smooth volumes, better manage staffing and also increase conversion.

    • Available on both Apple and Google devices, patients record their test results, state of mind, sleep patterns and keep track of their GP appointments.

    • The WW customer care team can contact customers about operational issues by SMS. Customers can be reached by Text-to-Landline if mobile is unavailable.

    • Each day users were allowed to unwrap a layer of the parcel in the hope of winning a prize. Passing the parcel to a friend increased their chances.

    • Parents are kept up-to-date of their childʼs school activities, airline passengers are notified if their baggage is lost and residents are informed if their parking bay is suspended.

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Incentivated is an independent technology company with 10+ years' experience operating exclusively in the mobile marketing services sector.

We help our international client base engage with their customers by designing, developing and delivering integrated acquisition, retention (CRM) and transaction (mCommerce) campaigns and services for mobile.

Our proprietary technology and specialist staff are well positioned to help brands, the public sector and charities to develop everything from enterprise messaging (SMS & MMS) through to mobile internet sites, to server side software or handset applications, including web apps, for 'smartphones' and feature-phones.

We also provide strategic, creative and technical advice for the use of mobile by businesses to raise awareness, deliver marketing ROI and provide customer service.

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